By popular demand... Our first ever Men's Collection!

By popular demand... Our first ever Men's Collection!

Introducing Orion, a capsule collection of substantial yet minimal designs including men's tags, bands, and bracelets in solid 18k gold.  Drawing inspiration from Colorado's casual lifestyle and building upon our beloved Galaxy Collection, we created each piece to feel sturdy and timeless and with just the right amount of sparkle. 

We partnered with Boulder's very own luxury leather designers and craftspeople at John Allen Woodward to fashion high-end leather straps with a classic tang watch closure ensuring these bracelets are both adjustable and infinitely wearable in all situations rugged or refined. 

We really strive for our tags to feel unlike any others out there... hefty, not hollow, with comfortable, refined edges and suspended from incredible, high quality imported chains. Everything about these feels bespoke and of an heirloom quality.

As with all of our pieces, this mini collection was born from many years of design and goldsmithing expertise and crafted with the utmost thought and care.  We're partial to how we've resolved all of the various elements here, but also envision customizing certain aspects of these designs for our guests who may be commemorating a specific life event.     

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