16mm Ancient Coin with Stallion


Thessaly is the largest region of Greece, completely surrounded by mountains. Larissa is the most important town in the region, named after the daughter of Pelasgos. In ancient times, young men would cut laurel from the laurel plant to cleanse themselves before continuing on to the Olympics when they passed through Larissa. The Thessalians became powerful in the 6th century BC through their control of the "Amphictyonic League", which was in charge of maintaining Greek temples and shrines. They possessed the power to pass legislation on religious matters and even declare religious war, thus gaining political power. Larissa began issuing coins in 475 BC, but could not avoid being taken over by Phillip II of Macedonia, Father of Alexander the Great. The Reverse depicted a horse in various poses. The horse was a symbol of Thessaly, which was well-known for its horses.

  • Set in 18k yellow gold, hand made in Bali
  • 20inch 18k gold German made Trace Chain
  • 16mm, 2.62 gram authenticated coin
  • From Thessaly, Trikka 
  • 480-420BC, AR Hemidrachm
  • Certificate of authenticity & appraisal provided 

While in some instances these items can be special ordered, they will vary in patina, size, texture, and look. each coin in our collection is one of a kind.


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