28mm Ancient Coin with Owl of Athena


The goddess Athena was closely associated with the city of Athens, but was worshiped throughout the Greek world. Her most famous sanctuary was the Parthenon. The olive tree (her gift to mankind) was sacred to her and in particular those which grew on the Acropolis, the oil from which was given to the victors of the Panathenaea festival. The amphora (jug) that the owl stands on refers to Athens' international olive oil trade. Athena was goddess of both wisdom and warfare. This coin also features a highly artistic scene of one of the most recognized images of the ancient world... the owl... symbol of the Greek city-state of Athens. The owl is Athena's attribute or mascot. According to the mythology, Athena would take the form of an owl. The species depicted on the coin is recognized as the Athena Noctua, also known as the Little Owl or Minerva Owl. Standing 6 to 8 inches and weighing 2.5 to 4.5 ounces, they range from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia. In the field next to the owl are the names of the city magistrates at the time the coin was minted.

  • Set in 18k yellow gold, hand made in Bali
  • 20inch, 18k yellow Handmade chain
  • 28mm, 16.5gram authenticated coin
  • From Athens, Attica
  • 138-137 BC, AR New Style Tetradrachm
  • Certificate of authenticity & appraisal provided

While in some instances these items can be special ordered, they will vary in patina, size, texture, and rarity. Each coin in our collection is one of a kind.