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Ancient Coin with Stallion


Ancient coin featuring head of a stallion. Reverse side shows the profile of a helmeted Athena Polais.

  • Set in 18k yellow gold, hand made in Bali
  • Accent diamond
  • 18inch 18k white gold Italian made cable chain
  • 14mm, 2.8gram authenticated, very fine coin
  • From Thesasly, Pharsalos
  • 448-440 BC, AR Hemidrachm 

This coin was minted in the golden age of Pharsalos.  The Attic helmett worn by Athena was relatively impractical in battle since it would have offered little protection compared to the Corinthian helmet, and so it is thought that the Athena on the reverse side is the city's patron goddess Athena Polais. 

The horse head on the reverse alludes to the fact that the Thessalians were known to have the best cavalry and bred the best horses. Alexander the Great's famous horse, Bukephalos, for example, came from Thessaly.