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Ancient Coin with Victory Chariot


Celebrate your personal accomplishment with this ancient coin featuring a victory driving triga (three-horsed chariot).  Reverse side shows helmeted head of a roman. Can select a different chain, text or call us.

  • Set in 18k yellow gold, hand made in Bali
  • 20inch 18k Italian made cable chain 
  • 18mm, 3.7gram authenticated, good fine, coin
  • From Roman Republic
  • 111 BC, AR Denarius 

Coins such as this denari were struck by hand. The designs for the obverse and reverse of the coin would be engraved into hard metal.  These designs were called dies.  One die was placed in an anvil, and the other in a metal bar.  A pre-measured amount of metal (flan) would then be placed in  between the two dies using metal tongs.  A hammer would then be brought down on the reverse die, making an imprint of the metal.  A denari is thought to be worth approximately one days wages for a soldier or laborer.

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