Amanda Roman custom ring design


  • Using two diamonds provided by Amanda
  • Design inspired by our setting sun design
  • Drawings show with and without sapphire accent sides 


  • 18k yellow gold premium 
  • Matte finished, with polished bezel rims
  • To be determined
  • Finishing time will be approximately 5 weeks after wax approval

Drawing notes:

  • Ultimately, the details for the design will be finished by hand on the bench, including hand setting of the diamonds and hand finishing of the metal surfaces.
  • The drawings only attempt to show these details---As you review the drawings please keep in mind that they are essentially fancy pencil sketches, the metal and gem colors are approximated.
  • The diamonds shown in the drawings are to scale.
  • The bezels tend to look bigger and flatter in these drawings than they will when finished.  Gold edges appear bulkier and sharper as well. Keep in mind these drawings are blown up quite large. 
  • These drawings show a design from unconventional viewpoints, we use these viewpoints to show detail. Please keep in mind that you will not view the design from these vantage points very often.
  • Once you like the general details of a design, we will create a scale wax model for your approval.


Measure (milimeters):



Scale Drawings: