Anna custom cross for Toraino



  • 14k yellow gold high polished finish with matte textured interior
  • ankh is approximately 50mm x 29mm (including bail)
  • finishing time will be approximately 4 weeks
  • MATTE CROSS--$3300 includes 4.1mm rope chain
  • POLISHED CROSS --with or without diamonds $3650 (slightly bigger)
  • the polished cross is shown with black diamond center and white diamonds sides below.

Drawing notes:

  • Ultimately, the details for this design will be finished by hand on the bench, including hand finishing of the metal surfaces………
  • the drawings attempt to show these details---As you review the drawings please keep in mind that they are essentially fancy pencil sketches, the metal colors are approximated.
  • Oftentimes, these drawings show a design from unconventional viewpoints, we use these viewpoints to show detail. Please keep in mind that you will not view the design from these vantage points very often.
  • Once you like the general details of a design, we will create a scale wax model for your approval.




Scale photos:

(wax has white residue, this won't be in the metal)