Fox, Ariana Cluster Bezels


  • Two 18k Yellow Gold Cluster Bezel Rings  
  • Finger size 7 and 5.25 
  • Effortless, singular
  • Matte finish
  • Once we've finalized the design, it will take around 6 weeks to finish your ring.
  • Quote: $4000-$4500 per ring

    Drawing notes:

    • Ultimately, the details for your designs will be finished on the goldsmithing bench. These drawings look bulkier than the finished ring does in real life. 
    • Stone and metal color, sheen, and sparkle are approximated
    • The views shown here are greatly enlarged to show you detail.
    • We can create a scale wax prototype of your final design if you'd like to see one.




    Updated Drawings 12.9.23


    Updated Drawings 12.28.23