Ben Goodson custom earrings


  • 18k rose gold
  • Mis-matched size heart studs - 6mm and 9mm outside diameters respectively
  • Half matte / half polished surface finish on each stud
  • Burnt orange diamond
  • Estimated price $925

  Photo notes: 

  • Ultimately, the details for these designs will be finished on the goldsmithing bench, including hand setting the stones and hand finishing of the metal surfaces. 
  • The drawings are an attempt to show the details described.  Please keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal color and diamond sheen are only approximated. 
  • The views shown here are enlarged to show you detail, please keep in mind that they will be smaller in reality.
  • Everything appears a bit darker and blockier in these renderings than it will in real life.
Shown compared to a quarter: