Bradby Tanya custom necklace design


  • 18k grey gold pendant is reversible. Your large diamond bezel set on one side and your small accent diamonds galaxy set on the other.  We will add a few complimentary stones to fill out the design.
  • 18k grey gold pendant clasp will be matte finished.
  • 18k white gold trigger clasp will have a polished finish for contrast. This clasp will attach to the pendant.
  • We envision this style necklace as modern and effortless feeling, with the clasp and pendant working together as one design element. Clasping in front, or wearing off center slightly. 
  • Black steel link chain. We viewed this chain together in the shop.
  • More notes in drawings below
  • Prewax estimate: $3650 includes, chain, clasp, design, wax model, casting, hand finishing and diamond setting.
  • Finishing time will be approximately 4-5 weeks after wax approval.

     Drawing notes

    • Ultimately, the details for this design will be finished by hand on the bench, including hand setting of the diamonds and hand finishing of the metal surfaces.
    • This drawings only attempt to show these details.  As you review these please keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal and diamond colors are only approximated.
    • The diamonds shown in the drawings are to-scale.
    • Bezels tend to look bulky in the drawings.
    • We have created a scale wax model of this design, lets arrange a time so that we can show you the design in scale.




    Drawings of 18k grey gold pendant clasp:

    18k white gold trigger clasp: