Campbell family rings


  • platinum or nickel free 18k white gold worn matte finish
  • soft square profile
  • natural round diamond accents
  • Finishing time will be approximately 4 to 5 weeks after wax approval.

     Drawing notes

    • Ultimately, the details for this design will be finished by hand on the bench, including hand setting of the diamonds and hand finishing of the metal surface.
    • These drawings only attempt to show these details.  As you review these please keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal color, sheen and sparkle are only approximated.
    • The diamonds shown in the drawings are to scale.
    • Edges can look sharp here, keep in mind that these are softened by hand finishing on our goldsmith's bench.
    • names are carved into (not engraved on top of) the rings for longevity.  This will ensure that the names do not scratch, rub or wear away over time as an engraving would.  Names appear dark  in these drawings... they will not be black like the originals.
    • Once you like the general details, we will create a scale wax models for your approval.