The Difference

One of the differences between  J. ALBRECHT and other "custom" jewelry designers is our blend of modern machinery & traditional craftsmanship to create one of a kind jewelry.
Many so-called custom rings are really a mix of assembly line of parts and pieces combined together to create different outcomes. In other cases, designers use different sub contractors in order to finish all the various stages of their work. We create our jewelry from scratch and fabricate it in our shop. In fact, we have new, hand made pieces coming off our workbench every single day.  

Our designs begin as a concept. We work those concepts out through sketching and modeling. Then we bring that model to life with a wax carving. The wax model is then cast (lost wax casting done in Denver) and Kenny does all of the finishing work and stone setting by hand. While the design process is interesting and fun, the finished jewelry is really the star of the the whole production... our work is professional, clean, and executed perfectly.

We create jewelry that is not just beautiful... it's thoughtful, well made, and meant to last. We'll help you maintain your jewelry over the years so that it lasts for generations. 
We use 3-D modeling to lay out our designs. But honestly, a computer rendering of a ring isn't that unique.   Really, our computer modeling is just a tool to fully enable us to see every angle of a ring before we create it.  A fancy model means nothing if a design has structural problems, the diamonds aren't calibrated or set properly, or the finishing work is unskilled.  Jewelry stores with counter sketch software are a dime a dozen.
  There are so many other aspects of design that are more important than being able to "design" a 3D model. The heart of  custom fine jewelry design lies in the human, personal aspects of creating a piece of jewelry... capturing a mood, a sensibility and a point of view in a piece of precious metal.  We're creating heirlooms, and memories, and celebrating life's most precious events.  
We find inspiration for our work in many places... in the unique lives of our clients, in the sunny desert of Arizona, in the cool mountains of Colorado, the misty beaches of California, in our supportive family and friends, in art, in baseball, in music, in literature... we're informed and influenced by the world around us and we're happy to say that it shows in our work.