We are professional goldsmiths who work with heirloom quality stones and precious metals (18k white/yellow/rose gold and platinum.) We do not fabricate, work on, or repair: silver, base metal, enamel, plastic, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, cobalt, brass, wood, meteorite, horns, teeth, or glass. 


The breadth of our design experience is unmatched.  We can create pieces in many styles, but we need the general sense of your taste before we begin our detailed custom process.  This can include ideas, pictures, or sketches, that will serve as inspiration for your custom design.


We may advise against custom design based on your comfort level or expectations, but no worries, our showroom is filled with original, one-of-a-kind jewelry available for instant gratification, no additional designing required.


  • We will not copy another designer's work 
  • We will not design something we deem structurally unsound 
  • Expect 6-10 weeks.  Expect 8-12 weeks for multiple projects designed at once. 
  • Design changes must be communicated during the approval stages 
  • Deposit required once a stone is procured 
  • Simple custom design starts at $2000 
  • Final Payment is due upon finishing of your piece(s) 
  • No refunds or exchanges on custom jewelry

Your old jewelry is the most recyclable thing you own.  We can guide you through repurposing your old, worn out, and inherited pieces.   To ensure our standards of finish quality, we will not re-use your gold.  The process to reuse gold is complicated, the results inferior, and the savings negligible.  We are able to offer you the scrap value of your gold or platinum as a credit towards the cost of your finished design. This will allow your precious metal to be properly recycled and reborn in the future.  After making an appointment for a custom design consultation, we will help you sort, identify, and prioritize using your sentimental stones.  Our requirements for designing with your stones:


  • Must be free of cracks or chips 
  • Must be appropriate size and hardness for project 
  • We recommend having your stones insured before any work is performed 
  • There is a risk that your stones will crack or break upon removal or resetting. You assume this risk. 
  • Your stones must measure greater than 2mm  
  • To ensure our standards of quality, any designs that require stones .80mm - 2mm will be provided by us without exception.  
  • If you are shipping jewelry to us for a custom project, you are responsible for providing documentation regarding quality and value. Please provide us with a tracking number.  Include inside the box an itemized list of the contents of the package as well as your name, phone number, and email address.  After we receive your parcel we will verify its contents and reach out to you.