CLOSED JAN 31st & FEB 1st

Davis custom ring design


Model 2 and 3 remarks:

  • 18k yellow gold matte finished.
  • Finger size 6.75 plus
  • Using  a natural diamond, 1.43 carats Crown Jubilee cut.
  • Finishing time will be approximately 4-5 weeks after wax approval.

     Drawing notes

    • Ultimately, the details for this design will be finished by hand on the bench, including hand setting of the diamonds and hand finishing of the metal surfaces.
    • These drawings only attempt to show these details.  As you review these please keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal and gem colors are only approximated.
    • The diamonds shown in the drawings are to scale.
    • Prongs tend to look bulky in the drawings - keep in mind that these are pushed over the diamonds and polished on the jeweler's bench.
    • Once you like the general details, we will create a scale wax model for your approval.

    Drawings MODEL 3:



    Drawings MODEL 2:









    Drawings MODEL 1: