Design Proposal for Jen Snee



Designer, wearable, modern classic


No swoops

Low Profile

Mix in easily with other jewelry styles


This proposal is meant to serve as our jumping off point for custom design, to narrow the scope of your project, and to provide a price estimate and general time frame. (These are just quickly photoshopped images and do not reflect accurate scale/ color etc.) Time frame is 8 weeks.


When you are ready to move forward, the next step is a $500 deposit, after which we will provide you with detailed custom design drawings (recommended) and a scale size wax model for your approval (recommended).



  • Platinum 
  • Three round brilliant diamonds

TIME FRAME: 6-8 weeks


    • Design layout & drawings, wax models, platinum, casting, cast cleaning, laser soldering, diamond setting.
    • Hand finishing and polish/matte finish. 
    • All finishing work is performed by a master goldsmith. 
    • Appraisal & warranty



    Tapered Open Ring 
    Est $4000
    Cluster Prongs
    Est $5200 (adding in two stones)
    3 Strand Open Ring with Diamonds
    Est $7000
    (could also make without the additional diamonds)
    Est $4000
    3 Strand Ring North South
    Est $4000
    (could also make this with additional diamonds)
    Est $7000
    Additional Ideas, Not photo shopped: