Fox & Phillip Custom Tourmaline Ring


  • 18k yellow gold with a matte finish
  • Using Phillip's 7.78ct Tourmaline
  • Finger size 6.25
Some of the more specific design details we discussed together:
  • Able to see as much of the stone as possible from the side view 
  • Make the shank (band part of the ring) feel as 'light' as possible - this is a matter of ensuring there is enough structural stability for the stone, as well as opening up the design into light feeling 'strands'
     Drawing notes:
    • Ultimately, the details for this design will be finished on the goldsmithing bench, including hand finishing of the metal.  These drawings look bulkier, and "prongier" than in real life. 
    • The drawings only attempt to show the details described.  Please keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal color, sheen, and sparkle are only approximated. 
    • The views shown here are enlarged to show you detail, please keep in mind that everything is much smaller in reality.








    Please note - the prongs that hold the stone in place will be finished by hand on the jeweler's bench - it is not possible for me to show you the exact shaping of the finished prongs in these drawings.