Jewelry Care & Maintence

Proper insurance is the first step in taking care of your precious jewelry.  Jewelry insurance is inexpensive and will protect you against damage, loss and theft.  

Having a relationship with a trusted family jeweler is step number 2. Just like a luxury car or beautiful home, you simply cannot just wear your jewelry and forget about it.  Proper cleaning and maintenance is essential to keeping your fine jewelry in good condition. We suggest regular inspection by a trained goldsmith every 6 months to one year.  During this inspection stones are tightened, irritants like perfumes and lotions are cleaned out from grooves and under stones, metal is refinished, shanks reshaped, prongs and tips checked, and we look for signs of damage that are seldom noticed by an untrained eye. Your jewelry is not indestructible. We strongly urge you not to wear your ring while weight lifting, rock climbing, landscaping, or cleaning with harsh, abrasive chemicals.  

To clean your diamond jewelry at home we recommend soaking in a solution of 1 part ammonia to one part water.  For other gemstones we suggest we suggest cleaning gently with warm mildly soapy water.  Pearls and opals should be wiped with a soft rag.