Kershaw, Custom Bracelet


  • 14k white gold paperclip link with secure lobster clasp
  • 14k white gold ID / Medic Alert style tag  
  • 14k rose gold "ribbon" (placed by the clasp in this design, let us know)
  • Wrist length 7 inch
  • No Needles, No BP embossed
  • Price $2700

 Drawing notes:

  • Ultimately, the details for these designs will be finished on the goldsmithing bench. These drawings tend to look bulkier, and sharper than in real life. 
  • The drawings only attempt to show the details described.  Please keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal color, sheen, and sparkle are only approximated. 
  • The views shown here are enlarged to show you detail, please keep in mind that everything is much smaller in reality.
  • Once we all like the details of the designs we will create a scale size prototypes


 Updated Design Drawings 6/8/2023:

 Drawings :