Lawrence, Deron custom earrings

  • Branch/vine/coral inspired dangle earrings with movement
  • 18k white gold 
  • Using 3 diamonds on each earring
  • Approximately .28 carats total
  • Estimate $4850

  • Feedback received on 8/3/23 - updated drawings below (Version 3)
  • Feedback received on 7/5/23 - updated drawings below (Version 2)
 Drawing notes:
  • Ultimately, the details for these designs will be finished on the goldsmithing bench, including hand setting the diamonds and hand finishing the metal. 
  • The drawings only attempt to show the details described.  Please keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal color, sheen, and sparkle are only approximated. Prongs and bezel tend to look bigger in these drawings than in real life.
  • The views shown here are enlarged to show you detail, please keep in mind that everything is much smaller in reality.
  • Once we all like the details of the designs we will create a scale size prototype for you  view

Version 3
    Vines arranged so that gentle arcing waves are visible from 360 degree view (think 'helix')
    Middle diamond visible from side view  -  Diamond in lighter settings
    Maximize movement where possible
    Two hook options available:

    Shown next to a quarter for scale:
    Version 2

    Single vertical line front view  -  Gentle arcing waves side view
    Shape inspiration from Jen's engagement ring


    Version 1
    For additional texture, I had envisioned a brushed surface finish similar to this:

    However, a polished finish could also be beautiful: