Margolis Diamond Studs


  • We have sourced two sets of natural brilliant cut diamond studs.  
  • set #1 has white inclusions that can be potentially be seen with the unaided eye, this "earring quality" set of studs is what we sell many times, they look great in the ear and you really have to inspect them to see the inclusions.  The bright, well cut  diamonds are set into white gold 4 prong baskets with locking backs. (I1-2 clarity, near colorless white)  --we sell this set  of studs for $13,500 (plus tax)......the Simeon price is $12,250 plus taxes.
  • we consider set #2 clean to the unaided eye, meaning the inclusions can be seen under magnification.  This set of studs is "ring quality", they are bright and well cut diamonds set into white gold 3 prong martini style settings which allow the earring to "prop" up on the ear better (SI2 clarity, near colorless white)--locking backs.  We sell this set of studs for $16,500 plus tax, the Simeon price is $14895 plus taxes