Ryan Barrett Custom Necklace


Emerald necklace


1.19ct Natural Cushion Cut Emerald

18k gold custom handmade setting

18k gold German made chain (highest quality) bright, solid with a small amount of sparkle to this chain.


We were able to source this natural Colombian emerald directly from the miner/cutter.  The stone is from the Muzo Mine, which is known for producing the world’s highest quality emerald rough.

This stone is GIA certified and the only enhancement is oiling, which is typical of most emeralds.  This is a surprisingly clean, bright, intense vivid green emerald.  In short, a rare find. One of the nicest we have seen.


Erin's style is pretty classic. So we've designed this to have a minimal  & effortless ethos. It's also a robust piece that she can feel confidant, not shy, about wearing regularly.  The emerald  will have metal surrounding and underneath for a casual modern effect, and will be set classically with prongs.  This will be the very best way to highlight the intense green color. 

Price: $6800

Design Drawing:

(keep in mind this is just a CAD style sketch, so colors are approximated, and everything feels overly flat and blocky)

Photo of Emerald against 18k yellow gold:

Video of emerald with beautiful chain: