The Steps

1.  We encourage appointments for a custom consultation 

2.  Discuss style, details, possibilities, expectations

3.  Establish which of our three custom categories suits you:

4.  If you have inherited jewelry and feel overwhelmed, we will help you sort, identify, value, prioritize and appraise. (Appraisals are arranged through an outside GG Appraiser and start at $135 each) 

5.  Identify a design direction and estimate, OR allow 1 week to submit a detailed design proposal to narrow the scope of the project 

6.  Select a diamond or gemstone as needed (with deposit)

7.  Nonrefundable $500 deposit required to begin drafting 

8.  Design drawings submitted for your approval. Expect 1-2 weeks

9.  Adjust design if needed. Depending on the request(s), the price may change. Expect 1 -2 weeks.

10.  Final drawings submitted for your approval 

11.  Scale wax model presented for your approval. Expect 1 week 

12.  Half down deposit

13.  We handmake your piece using many of the following techniques: 3d modeling, 3d printing and prototyping, hand carving, stone sourcing, stone matching, casting, cast cleaning, pre finishing, prong/bead/bezel/channel setting, torch soldering, laser soldering, milgraining, hand engraving, chasing, filing, polishing, matte finishing. Expect 4 - 6 weeks.

14.  Final payment is due when the piece is finished 

15.  Appraisal, Warranty, Check Up Schedule provided 

16.  Securing jewelry insurance is your responsibility and is recommended to protect against theft, loss, or serious damage 

17.  We look forward to helping you inspect, clean & maintain your custom jewelry!  With proper care, your piece can last for generations!