Vincent Chris handmade charm bracelet


    • 18k yellow gold, polished charm bracelet, matte and polished finished charms
    • A total of 22 solid (not hollow) links for the bracelet, 6 links will have a nearly invisible hinge to accommodate charms without needing additional clasps.
    • The hinges will also work as the bracelet clasp allowing the entire bracelet to be completely seamless 
    • Bracelet is approximately 7" long.
    • Each link will be fabricated by hand.  
    • The hiking boot as well as the lego charms will be caste in 18k gold and finished by hand.


  • 18k yellow gold, solid, hand fabricated links x11 hinged links x6 : $9480
  • 18k yellow caste lego charm: $1750
  • 18k yellow caste hiking boot charm:  $2250


     Photo notes: 

    • Actual gold links shown with scale size hiking boot and lego charm prototypes
    • Photo shows hinge to accommodate charm and closure.
    • Scale sketch on hand



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