Zoe Wilson custom two diamond ring



    • Using two diamonds provided
    • 18k white gold (premium palladium alloy)
    • Sandblasted finish
    • Bezel set diamonds
    • Finger size 7.5

    ETHOS: unique, modern, asymmetrical, one of a kind

      Drawing notes:

      • Ultimately, the details for this design will be finished on the goldsmithing bench, including hand setting the stones and hand finishing of the metal surfaces.
      • These drawings only attempt to show these details.  Keep in mind that they are essentially sketches. Metal, stone color, sheen and sparkle are only approximated
      • The bezels tend to look exaggerated in size, these get shaped, folded, filed and manipulated over the diamond on the goldsmith's bench.
      • The views shown here are enlarged to show you detail, please keep in mind that the ring will be much smaller in reality.





      Drawings on hand (should help you visualize scale):