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Ancient Coin with Heraclius


The  Byzantine Empire was ruled by Emperors of the dynasty of  Heraclius between 610 and 711. The Heraclians presided over a period of cataclysmic events that were a watershed in the history of the Empire and the world in general.

At the beginning of the dynasty, the Empire's culture was still essentially Ancient Roman, dominating the Mediterranean and harboring a prosperous Late Antique urban civilization. This world was shattered by successive invasions, which resulted in extensive territorial losses, financial collapse and plagues that depopulated the cities, while religious controversies and rebellions further weakened the Empire.

  • Set in 22k yellow gold, hand made in Bali
  • 18inch, 18k long & short chain
  • Authenticated coin / Very Fine
  • 4.4grams, 20mm
  • From Byzantine Empire
  • 629 - 632, AV Solidus