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Ancient Coin with Bee & Stag


Ancient coin with bee.  Reverse side shows stag and palm tree.

  • Set in 22k yellow gold, hand made in Bali
  • Five accents diamonds
  • 20inch 18k gold handmade chain
  • 24mm, 15.1gramS authenticated, very fine coin
  • From Ionia, Ephesos
  • 340-325 BC, AR Tetradrachm
The deer is a sacred animal to the Greek Goddess Artemis, the huntress.  She is most often shown riding a deer, in a chariot drawn by a deer, of with a deer at her feet.   THe Athenians who came to colonize Ionia, where Ephesus is located, were led by Muses, who took the shape of bees.  In addition, Artemis's priestesses were called the melissai or "bees" of the goddess.  The tree alludes to Artemis's birthplace, the island of Delos, where, under a palm tree, the Goddess Leto gave birth to Artemis and her twin brother Apollo.  

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