A Letter from Jay & Laina

A Letter from Jay & Laina

A letter from Jay & Laina Albrecht

2004.  After a decade in jewelry, Jay’s career was at a crossroads. We were pregnant and had just purchased our first house, an old Denver bungalow ripe with unexpected repairs. Being young, gritty and optimistic, we both left our respective jobs and together with our brother in law, Kenny, opened J Albrecht Designs.  Nothing about the timing was ideal, but we sold a car, sacrificed vacations, tried our best to soothe a colicky new baby, and went to work. 

From our first day, we met you at our door with the spirit of old school service. Our mission to make you feel comfortable in an authentic, unfussy, compassionate environment worked for us and throughout the next fifteen years, as we hosted you in our shop, you allowed us into your lives, sharing your milestones with us...engagements, weddings and anniversaries. We’ve celebrated your newborns, your mothers, fathers, and beloved pets.  You’ve welcomed us as part of your graduations, promotions and retirements, and we’ve commemorated the loss of your loved ones. In the early days, although we knew that the relationships we were forming were vital to us professionally, time and experience has shown us how truly meaningful it has been to us personally.   


We simply never anticipated we would form so many true friendships. We never expected you to send flowers when our dog passed, or to be guests at your weddings, or to get to know your extended families.  You’ve asked about Georgie making varsity baseball, you’ve inquired over the tomatoes in the garden, and most recently you have reached out in kindness to see how we are doing during these unprecedented times. Thank you.


Our families are healthy and in good spirits.  While the shop’s brick & mortar hours are paused, our entire team remains committed to one another and dedicated to serving you.  We continue to work, with safety as our top priority. Working right now reminds us a little of 2004 when we first opened and everything felt a bit uncertain...  when we built a business through optimism, grit, and kindness. We got this.


These past three weeks we have helped with lovely private engagements, romantic elopements, and anniversaries held by quiet candlelight at home. We find it incredibly reassuring. Through all this uncertainty, we continue to celebrate love.


With warmth and gratitude, 

Jay & Laina Albrecht

Kenny, Chrissie, Madelyn & Hawk


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