Our Workshop

Our workshop is a place where problems are solved, creative solutions conceived, and good old fashioned hard work is sweated out.  People often refer to as "designers." That's nice, but we think of ourselves as problem solvers dedicated to the craft and tradition of creating fine jewelry. 

Having our own workshop means we oversee nearly the entire custom design progression... touching, inspecting and perfecting each step of the process from start to finish.  There are no assembly lines. Every piece is perfected one at a time to ensure highest quality workmanship. Our designs begin as a concept. We work those ideas out through sketching and modeling.  Next we we bring that model to life with a wax carving. The wax model is cast (lost wax casting done in Denver) and Kenny, Chrissie and Laina do all of the finishing work and stone setting by hand. While the design process is interesting and fun, the finished jewelry is really the star of the the whole production... our work is professional, clean, and executed perfectly.   

Our workshop is an extension of our showroom... so you can watch us all sweating on the bench and getting excited about new pieces... you'll hear us hammering, and drilling and discussing technique and tools. Mostly, though, you'll hear us talking baby talk to our shop dog, Sookie.  We turn out new pieces daily... many of them are displayed in our showroom and others are delivered directly to happy clients. Unlike some of the jewelry you see on online craft sites, our pieces are created to exacting standards, made with the highest quality materials, and finished to hold up. Our jewelry is  made to last for generations.  We make amazing fine jewelry. It's not a pastime, it's our profession. 

Our jewelry isn't just beautiful... it's thoughtful, well made, and meant to last. We'll help you maintain your jewelry over the years so that it lasts for generations. 

The Difference

We combine the efficiency of modern machinery, traditional goldsmithing techniques and a belief in authentic, old school customer service to create bespoke one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Many so-called custom rings are really a mix of assembly line of parts combined together to create different outcomes. In other cases, jewelers use different sub contractors in order to finish all the various stages of their work. We do things in the manner of a true custom jewelry workshop... creating from scratch. In fact, we have new, hand made pieces coming off our workbenches every single day. 

While we're dedicated to the art and craft of fine jewelry making, we feel that something greater sustains us and our work. We are so fortunate to help our clients and friends celebrate life's most special moments... engagements, weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, new jobs, and commemorations. We believe we are creating jewelry that will someday become family heirlooms.

We find inspiration for our work in many places... our unique clients, the Sonoran Desert, the Rocky Mountains, the misty beaches of California, our family, our friends, in art, in baseball, in music, in literature... we're informed and influenced by the world around us and we're happy to say that it shows in our work. 

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