Ethics & Sustainability

  • The diamonds used in our work are natural and many come with analysis from independent gemological laboratories. Our natural diamond suppliers abide by the Kimberly Process, which is the process set up by the United Nations to ensure diamond purchases are not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments. We go beyond the wording of the Kimberly Process and source from suppliers with whom we have actual, longstanding relationships and have had frank discussions regarding sourcing. These include site-holders, ethical suppliers & devoted vendors. We work directly with these folks and are proud to call them colleagues as well as friends.  


  • The gemstones used in our work are natural and ethically sourced from known partners. Unless otherwise noted, the gemstones in our collections have been enhanced with heat, oil, and other stabilizing methods as per industry standards.  The pearls in our collections are cultured unless stated otherwise.  Many of our gemstones come with gemological analysis from independent laboratories.


  • The precious metals used in our work come from suppliers of certified DRC- conflict free precious metals. The process of obtaining, alloying, and casting these metals is independently certified in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act.  These materials and alloys have been recycled and processed in a responsible and sustainable manner. 


  • Ultimately, our goal is total transparency in regards to diamond and gemstone provenance. The jewelry industry is adapting to demands for transparency in significant and meaningful ways. Many suppliers are nearing total transparency from mined rough to fully cut diamonds and gemstones.  We would challenge all other major industries from food to clothing to electronics, to respond to call outs for transparency in similar ways. 


  • We do not believe that the answer to the current sustainability question is  found in what is often mass marketed, greenwashed, and misleading laboratory created stones. Laboratory stones come with their own unique environmental, fair wage, and long-term value concerns including, but not limited to, mass production overseas that is often unregulated and powered by coal.  Instead, we believe that the path to realistic sustainability is taken when consumers walk hand in hand with professional, independent jewelers who have the experience and expertise to guide clients into making thoughtful, educated, and personalized decisions.   


  • We employ highly skilled professionals who are paid a living Colorado salary with benefits, and are not commissioned salespeople. The designers and workshops with whom we collaborate are families who share our values.  We live, participate, and donate within the same community as our business.