Stone and Metals Warranty


The pieces we offer in our shop are made with care using the finest materials and inspected to be free from known defects.

We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  In order to determine a manufacturing defect we will have to inspect your piece. You can stop by our Boulder shop or return your piece via insured mail or other shipping service.  You can expect bezel, prong, and channel set stones to periodically loosen. Stone tightening is free of charge for the life of the piece. Rings worn every day should be inspected for wear every 6 months, earrings and pendants take less wear and can be inspected less often.

We do not warranty/insure against stone breakage, damage, or loss.  We highly recommend you arrange jewelry insurance on your piece.  With an appraisal you can arrange insurance with your homeowners insurance or jewelry-specific insurers like Jewelers Mutual, please contact them directly.

When sending items for inspection/refinishing please contact us to let us know to expect your jewelry.  Make sure the package does not mention jewelry or diamonds. All returned items require previous authorization, please call or email before returning anything. Insurance on packages sent to us is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please include proof of purchase in any package.

Packages shipped to us should be labeled:


951 Pearl St.

Boulder, Co. 80302



J.Albrecht Designs original pieces are made in the finest quality alloys of 14k /18k gold as well as platinum and sometimes palladium.  A few of our white gold alloys do contain a percentage of nickel, if you have a skin allergy and prefer a white metal we recommend wearing platinum, or choosing our premium white gold/palladium alloy which is nickel free.  You can expect the original surface finishes applied to our metals to wear to a dull shine over time. Cleaning, polishing and refinishing of your piece are always free of charge.  We are able to do a "showroom" finish on your jewelry yearly at no charge, please be aware that when gold or platinum are polished/refinished small amounts of metal are removed each time.  Visit or send (please contact us before shipping) your piece to our Boulder Showroom for these services.

You can expect to re tip your gold prongs, bezels, or channel sets every 5-10 years, depending on wear, platinum and palladium can expected to be done every 10-20 years.

The stainless steel jewelry we feature is not able to be sized or soldered.. The stainless steel rings are made from scratch to fit you.

Recycled and sourced casting materials:

J.Albrecht Designs uses metal suppliers that are independently certified. These certifications assure us that they are in compliance with the current legislation in regard to the Dodd-Frank Act.

In order to assure that we provide materials that minimize our environmental impact, we have continuing relationships with suppliers that have a similar commitment. Wherever possible, we utilize raw materials and alloys that have been recycled.  Otherwise, our suppliers have received certifications verifying that they only source and manufacture metals from “DRC-Conflict Free” mines or other domestic U.S. sources and we will continue to monitor its sources for compliance with legislation as it evolves.