Regular cleaning, care & maintenance is essential to keeping your fine jewelry in good condition.


  • Visit your trusted family jeweler every 6 -12 months for an inspection by a trained goldsmith. During this inspection stones are tightened, irritants like perfumes and lotions are cleaned out from grooves and under stones, metal is refinished, shanks reshaped, prongs and tips checked, and we look for signs of damage that are seldom noticed by an untrained eye. 


  • Have a good understanding of the style of jewelry you’re wearing. Is it particularly delicate, antique, or prone to damage? Is it appropriate to wear everyday with the activity level of your lifestyle?


  • Without care and attention, even jewelry appropriate for everyday wear is susceptible to breaking. Removing your jewelry during specific activities reduces the risk of damage or loss.


  • Remove your rings during the following activities: weightlifting, biking, rock climbing, landscaping, and lifting heavy objects like furniture.


  • Remove your jewelry while in a hot tub.


  • Store necklaces by hanging, flat laying, or in small bags with clasps on the outside of the bag.


  • Regularly check your earring backs for tension.


  • Use care when removing scarfs, masks, and heavy coats.


  • Consider a “travel ring” to protect against loss while outside your regular routine.


  • To clean your diamond jewelry at home, soak in a 1 to 1 solution of ammonia and water.


  • Use warm, mildly soapy water to clean gemstone jewelry. Pearls and opals can be wiped with a soft rag. 


  • INSURE your jewelry to protect against loss, theft, and serious damage.