I live out of town, can I still have custom jewelry made?

Absolutely!  We guide our long distance clients through their custom projects with detailed and thorough emails, videos, calls, and texts.  We are experts in this realm and truly love it.  Best way to start a project is by sending us an email and we'll take it from there!

Can I bring you my diamond for a custom ring?

Heck yes! We do this all the time.  Read more about this in our custom drop down menu.    

What should I make with my old jewelry? 

The possibilities are endless.  Before you come to us for a custom design, it is beneficial to have a general idea about your own personal taste and style.  Our custom designs are guided and informed by our own unique design aesthetic. We will not copy other designers work or alter an existing piece. You can learn more about our custom work in our custom drop down menu.

I'm too nervous to ring your doorbell!  Help?

We love our doorbell, as it helps us regulate the flow of traffic through our small showroom, but we totally get that it might feel intimidating to a passerby.  Rest assured, we are really chill, friendly people who will treat you kindly, give you space if you need, and answer any of your questions.  We will always meet you where you're at!   

I found a ring I love, but it's too expensive, can you make the same thing for less?


Can you just do some designs for me? I'd love to see what you come up with.

Nope!  We have found that following our process works best.

I found a jeweler who will make something cheaper... can you match their price?

There are many varieties, methods, materials and abilities with regards to making jewelry.  We are confidant in our expert technique and encourage you to visit where you feel most comfortable.

Do you offer appraisals?

Yes, we offer complimentary insurance appraisals with the items we sell! If we use a family diamond as the foundation for one of our custom designs, then we will arrange for an independent appraisal on the diamond.  In addition, if you have jewelry that you did not purchase from us, then we will help you arrange an independent appraisal. Independent appraisals start at $135.

Do you repair broken jewelry?

We only perform repairs to the jewelry we have made and sold. Give us a call for a referral.

Do you work with watches? 

Nope.  Call us and we can steer you in a good direction.

Will you clean my ring?

We'd be happy to! There's no charge for dip in our ultra sonic and a good steam.  If you need extra love on a piece of really worn out jewelry, we'll go over your options.  Sometimes we run across jewelry that is pretty tired... if diamonds shake out of your ring when in our ultrasonic, there is a charge for the labor of resetting. 

Do you guys make ALL of the jewelry I see in your shop?

While we do make most of the jewelry you see in our showroom, we also curate a small assortment of unique jewelry made in private workshops throughout the world. We don't carry any advertised brands, mass produced jewelry, hobby style, fast fashion or extreme trend jewelry.

I have old jewelry I would like to sell.

As it turns out, we do not purchase jewelry! Call us for a referral.

The matte finish on my ring has worn off.

It's normal... sandblasted, hammered, polished and other surface finished will wear off over time. We will re-fresh your ring as needed.  We typically perform this service once a year at no charge. 

My ring doesn't fit. What should I do?

The first sizing on any ring we made or sold is complimentary.  Price for additional sizings will depend on the style, width, stones, material and size adjustment. Stop by for an estimate.