Do you offer appraisals?

Yes, we offer complimentary insurance appraisals with the items we sell.

No, we do not offer complimentary appraisals on items we did not acquire and sell. For example, if we are setting your family diamond into one of our designs, then we will arrange for an independent appraisal on the diamond. In addition, if you have jewelry that you did not purchase from us, then we will help you arrange an appointment with an independent appraiser.

We coordinate a time for you to drop your jewelry off, then your item is evaluated. You can pick up your piece later that day and can expect to receive your appraisal documents in approximately one week. The cost is $150 per piece, depending on the item. Items with a large quantity of diamonds or gemstones (tennis bracelets, cocktail rings) may cost more.


Where do you get your diamonds?

Our diamonds are ethically sourced primarily from Africa, Canada, and Australia. All of our cutters abide by the Kimberly Process.  


How long does custom take?

Generally speaking a custom piece takes us about 6-8 weeks to complete. Our process is very thorough in trying to allow you to know what your finished piece will look like before you pick it up. We do this with virtual pictures and a scale model that allows you to envision the final piece. If you are in need of something faster than this we are open minded and willing to help if we can. The process starts with a design consultation, however, we will only begin our actual, detailed design work once the $200 - $500 design deposit is put down.


What should I make with my old jewelry? 

The possibilities are endless.  Before you come to us for a custom design, it is beneficial to have a general idea about your own personal taste and style.  Our custom designs are guided and informed by our own unique design aesthetic. We will not copy other designers work or alter an existing piece.


Can I bring you my diamond for a custom ring?

Yes. We need to inspect each diamond for chips / cracks before we can determine if we can set it. We will set your diamond as long as you assume the risk (which is minimal).


I have so many stones, what should I do with them all?

We can help you sort through your stones/pieces to choose a few favorites (both for sentimentality and for value).    Trust us, you do not want to force every single stone from a big collection into one piece of jewelry! Consider several pieces. 

Stones have limitations in how they can be set and worn. We will help guide you into making expert, thoughtful design decisions. Next, think about what you would like to wear and how you envision yourself wearing it. Ring? Bracelet? Everyday or special occasion?

Once you have a piece or two made, you are then on your way to building a one-of-a-kind collection for yourself.  We typically do this for our clients over the span of a few years. 


Can you use my gold for a custom ring?

Sometimes we can re-use your gold, it depends on the style ring you want to have made. We typically do this for sentimental reasons as there is very little cost savings to you. 


Do you repair broken jewelry?

We only perform repairs to the jewelry we have made and sold. 


Will you clean my ring?

We'd be happy to! There's no charge for dip in our ultra sonic and a good steam. You won't believe how pretty your ring will look after a good cleaning. If you need extra love on a piece of really worn out jewelry, we'll go over your options and discuss pricing with you based on the condition of your ring.

We recommend having your ring professionally cleaned & checked at least twice a year to help prevent problems and maintain the longevity and beauty of the piece.

Sometimes we run across jewelry that is pretty tired... if you have diamonds that fall out of your ring when in our ultrasonic, we will charge you to re-set them.


Do you guys make ALL of the jewelry I see in your shop?

While we do make most of the jewelry you see in our showroom, we also source and curate an assortment of unique jewelry made in private workshops throughout the world.

What we don't carry are heavily advertised jewelry brands, mass produced lines that you could see in any jewelry store, hobby jewelry, fast fashion, or extreme trend driven jewelry. 


How should I take care of my jewelry?

1. Proper insurance is the first step in taking care of your precious jewelry. 

Jewelry insurance is inexpensive and will protect you against damage, loss and theft.  

2. Have a relationship with a trusted family jeweler.

Just like a luxury car or beautiful home, you simply cannot just wear your jewelry and forget about it. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to keeping your fine jewelry in good condition. We suggest regular inspection by a trained goldsmith every 6 months to one year. During this inspection stones are tightened, irritants like perfumes and lotions are cleaned out from grooves and under stones, metal is refinished, shanks reshaped, prongs and tips checked, and we look for signs of damage that are seldom noticed by an untrained eye.  Do not wear your ring while weight lifting, rock climbing, landscaping, or cleaning with harsh, abrasive chemicals.  

Step 3. Take off your jewelry and clean it regularly.  

To clean your diamond jewelry at home we recommend soaking in a solution of 1 part ammonia to one part water.  For other gemstones we suggest we suggest cleaning gently with warm mildly soapy water. Pearls and opals should be wiped with a soft rag. 


I have old jewelry I would like to sell.

As it turns out, we do not purchase jewelry!


I found a ring I love, but it's too expensive, can you make the same thing for less?



The matte finish on my ring has worn off.

It's normal... sandblasted, hammered, polished and other surface finished will wear off over time.  We will re-fresh your ring as needed.  Generally we perform this at our clients 6 moth inspection.


Can you just do some designs for me? I'd love to see what you come up with.

Nope!  We have found that following our process works best.


My ring doesn't fit. What should I do?

The first sizing on any ring we made or sold is complimentary.  Depending on the style, width, stones, material and size adjustment, there will be a charge for any additional size alterations.   


I found a jeweler who will make something custom for less...

Custom jewelry exists on a spectrum.  There are many jewelers exploring different methods, techniques and qualities. We are confident in our technique and encourage you to shop where you feel most comfortable.