2023 Summer Capsule Collection: Eden

Introducing our much anticipated Summer 2023 Capsule Collection.  We’ve chosen to design around a carefully curated selection of natural, Colombian emeralds, sourced directly from the region's renowned Muzo mine. Known for their vibrant color and overall splendid quality, these emeralds boast a deep, true green hue that epitomizes the distinctive color for which the area is celebrated. Drawing our inspiration from the gemological colloquialism "garden," which refers to the captivating arrangements of crystal inclusions found within natural emeralds, we decided to fully embrace the concept and shout out the most notorious garden of all time… Eden.   Sure, it’s a bit audacious… but also? Why not?  The allure of these gems is so strong and the craftsmanship so impeccable, that wearing any of these pieces is sure to feel like a hallowed experience.
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