Custom Jewelry: What to Expect

During your custom design consultation, expect to try on jewelry and chat about inspiration, style and expectations… this will enable us to establish which of our custom categories best suits you….




If you have inherited jewelry, we will help sort, value, and prioritize.  Then we will identify a design direction, or allow 1-2 weeks for a detailed design proposal to narrow the scope of the project.  Next we broker or select a diamond or gemstone as needed.  Read more about our sustainable practices here.

A non refundable $500 deposit is required to begin drafting your design. Expert drawings are then submitted for your approval with adjustments performed as needed.  The price of your piece may change based on the type of adjustments  requested.    

Once your final drawings are approved, we will carve a to-scale wax model.  At this point in our process, we require a half down deposit. 

Final payment is due on delivery.  We provide an appraisal for any piece where we sourced the primary stone.  If we designed for a family stone, we will arrange an independent appraisal. Your custom jewelry comes with a warranty, reports and inspection schedule.  Securing jewelry insurance is your responsibility and is recommended.  We look forward to helping maintain your custom piece...  With the proper care custom jewelry can last for generations!