Happy New Year From Jay & Laina

Happy New Year From Jay & Laina

Taking a few lessons from 2020


Listen.  Even though the year felt like one continuous repeat of the day before, the emotions of each day were certainly anything but repetitive... every hour fraught with some maddening new frustration.  Proud to say that we kept an open mind to the ever changing and various moods of our colleagues, vendors, neighbors, teachers, coaches and every single client who reached out or walked through the door. Truly one of the greatest revelations of 2020 is how a mutual extension of a little grace and empathy wound up fortifying and deepening our connections with our clients, friends and community.   


Adapt.  We are a dynamic, flexible, innovative team and were able to be more productive and more efficient than ever before.

Gratitude.  Having our brick and mortar temporarily shut down in April certainly put a little perspective into our lives. It was good to pause and evaluate a few things about ourselves.  It confirmed our passion for our work and our sincere gratitude to our community and clients.  Thank you.

Keep it Real.  We make jewelry here. We aren't healing the sick, developing vaccines, or stabilizing the economy. But we can proudly say that in 2020 our team and families have willingly, and without hesitation, made personal and professional sacrifices for the purpose of a common good. So yeah, we feel like we have a decent perspective on the year, all things considered... but we're still pretty damn happy to kiss 2020 goodbye.    

Get Take-out.  Independent restaurants are truly the beating heart of downtown Boulder and they need our support. Whether it be Jay & family at Pasta Jays, Edwin & Mama at Zoe Ma Ma, Dave & his incredible staff at West End Tavern, Kimball & crew from The Kitchen, Lon & team at Daikon,  Erin & Jon & the whole "fampango" at Japango... or any one of the many hardworking local restaurateurs in Boulder, please order takeout and tip generously. 

With warmth & gratitude

and wishing you a peaceful New Year, 


Jay & Laina Albrecht

Kenny Reaves

Chrissie Paris

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