We once had a guest relay a story of a jeweler admiring her J Albrecht Ring ring saying "this has some of the most meticulous and perfect workmanship I've ever seen."

A true compliment if we ever heard one...    But now we wish they could see this beauty. 

The Kass.   Featuring the rarest of stones, a 2 carat diamond formed naturally in the earth under such extraordinary conditions as to be  perfect, or what we gem nerds call Internally Flawless, without any internal blemishes or inclusions.  Fun fact:  Only .5% of diamonds in the world fall into this category.  Masterfully cut and polished to enhance its inherent warm yellow color, this pear shape diamond is an absolute fireball in all lighting conditions. We decided there was no better medium than our premium recycled 18k yellow gold to highlight the  diamond's glow. (Graded by the Gemological Institute of America as M color).


But enough about the diamond.  Can we just brag on the design for a second?  Do you even see this crisp bezel?  Kenny is nothing if not fastidious about his hand finishing... and this bezel is no exception. And consider his masterful flush-setting of itty bitty 1mm diamonds into such an exacting yet whimsical line of sparkle. It seems utterly impossible... as if this ring was crafted by enchantment. 



Perhaps that's really what's happening here... while we agonize over precision and perfection, something else entirely magical occurs when a piece like this comes off our goldsmithing bench and is nestled onto a tiny display, ready to find the one hand for which it was born.   It's more than our design and hard work.  It's more than rarity and luxury. It's all these unique attributes coalescing into a singular object: a ring to symbolize and capture the sentiment of a particular moment in time, a celebration to endure for generations.


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