MIDSUMMER: The Story and Inspiration

MIDSUMMER: The Story and Inspiration

Midsummer, when the days are at their longest, is a season with a beloved place in history and lore. Celebrated around the summer solstice, it marks the peak of summer’s heat, with the sun at it’s zenith and nature in full, audacious bloom. This season has inspired countless traditions and myths, symbolizing abundance, vitality, and the triumph of light.  Our MIDSUMMER collection draws its inspiration from this magical time, embodying sun-drenched days and vibrant gardens.

This collection has a spectrum of colorful gemstones: luscious tanzanites, juicy tourmalines, verdant emeralds, and array of rare and colorful sapphires that embody the vivid palette of midsummer. Think of deep iris purples and ranunculus magenta, the bright oranges and teals reminiscent of tropical blooms, the soft sea foam and corals of coastal gardens, the shimmering hues found in the iridescent wings of unicorn beetles and the distinctive scarlet of a ladybug.  Can you tell yet that we just love love love these stones?  In fact, it is our passion for natural gems that lies at the heart of MIDSUMMER.

The natural formation of precious stones has always served as a profound source of inspiration for us. Each stone’s journey, spanning millions of years, guides our design process and instills a deep respect and care in our both our designs and craftsmanship. Understanding the time and natural forces required to create a sapphire or an emerald, we approach every piece with pride and intention, ensuring that everything we create honors the remarkable history embedded within these beautiful stones.

As with all of our work, we take great pride in the manner with which we source the beautiful stones in this collection.  Each gem has been personally selected from miners and cutters with whom we have longstanding relationships and whose ethics and business practices are fair and respectable.  These men and women are dedicated to preserving and fairly sustaining mining communities around the globe.

From the careful selection of stones, to sketches and prototypes, to handcrafting and yes even creating the visuals and marketing, each ring, necklace, bracelet and earring from MIDSUMMER is the result of a meticulous and thoughtful months- long process by our small but mighty team.  We devote ourselves to creating heirloom quality jewelry that is both singular and wearable. This hands-on approach, increasingly uncommon today, ensures that every detail is perfect and every piece meaningful.

TLDR: We hope this collection brings you joy.

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