Lights, Camera, Carats: Our Top 5 Jewelry Moments in Film

Lights, Camera, Carats:  Our Top 5 Jewelry Moments in Film


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Let's start with a classic. Who hasn’t seen Marilyn Monroe's unforgettable performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"? Monroe’s gold digging Lorelei uses her zaftig beauty and breathy voice to make the ultimate modern gal proclamation:

"Men grow coldAs girls grow oldAnd we all lose our charms in the end

But square-cut or pear-shapedThese rocks don't lose their shapeDiamonds are a girl's best friend"

Dripping in diamonds, it's a scene that epitomizes Hollywood glamour and establishes all the quirky jewelry cliches we know & love in spite of ourselves:

"There may come a timeWhen a hard-boiled employerThinks you're awful niceBut get that ice or else no dice"

This scene is a still relevant take on pop culture's often transactional fascination with fine jewelry. PURE FUN!


The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

 A suave thief, a captivating romance, and a baller Bulgari necklace - what more could we ask for? Pierce Brosnan's Thomas Crown steals not only art but also hearts in this stylish thriller as he deftly presents Rene Russo with a breathtaking diamond necklace.  We know this stylish and powerful woman buys her own jewels, as clearly established by the multi strand pearl necklace she wears in the scene... but even a strong, independent woman can allow herself to be fascinated by a man bearing such a gift. Set against the backdrop of a chic restaurant, the scene oozes with intrigue and sensuality, showcasing the transformative power of a well-timed present and the allure of forbidden desire.  It's a masterclass in sophisticated gift giving.


Pretty Woman (1990)

It’s THE scene to watch in this early 90's Romcom Classic. You know the one: Richard Gere playfully snaps shut the jewelry box on Julia Roberts' fingers? It was a spontaneous decision by Gear, and director Gary Marshall's inspired decision to keep this scene in the film captures their incredible chemistry, while working to charmingly reassure Robert's character that she doesn't need to take this lavish gift too seriously.    



Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

No list of cinematic jewelry moments would be complete without mentioning Audrey Hepburn's spirited portrayal of Holly Golightly. The iconic opening scene has Holly gazing longingly into the Tiffany’s storefront, coffee in her hand and dreams in her heart.  It's a cinematic tableau that has become synonymous with sophistication and style, and speaks to the timeless allure of diamonds.


Love Actually (2003)

Ah, the art of packaging! Not sure if this scene resonates with everyone, or if it only speaks to those of us working retail during the holidays, but Rowan Atkinson’s over the top earnestness and bumbling enthusiasm for gift wrapping, has us on the floor laughing every single rewatch.  Spoiler alert, it’s a necklace for Alan Rickman’s mistress… and the drawn out cringy-ness and ensuing stress of this jeweler’s ill-timed gift-wrap-a-palooza is the exact punishment he deserves. We simply have to include the entire scene below:


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