27mm Ancient Coin with Owl of Athena


Obv: Head of Athena to right in triple crested Athenian helmet ornamented with Pegasus. Rev: Owl standing to right on amphora with olive branches. 

The Goddess Athena was closely associated with the city of Athens, but worshiped throughout the Greek world. The olive tree was her gift to mankind. The amphora (jug) that the owl perches on refers to Athens' international olive oil trade. Athena was the goddess of both wisdom and warfare, combining within herself two qualities we sometimes find incompatible today, but which speaks to the difference between our modern world and the ancient.

This beautiful coin features one of the most recognized images of the ancient world, the owl, symbol of Athens and attribute or mascot of Athena herself, who according to mythology, at times took the very form of her owl.

  • 27mm, 16.7gram authenticated ancient coin
  • 124-123 BC
  • AR New Style Tetradrachm
  • Origin: Athens, Attica
  • Set in 18k yellow gold bezel, hand made in Bali
  • 24 inch 2.2mm German made trace chain
  • Certificate of authenticity & appraisal provided
  • Price includes chain, message us to choose a different chain 

While in some instances these items can be special ordered, they will vary in patina, size, texture, and rarity. Each coin in our collection is one of a kind.