RING SIZE: Get the Best Fit

RING SIZE: Get the Best Fit

Size midday after lunch.  Morning and evening tend to be the time of day resulting in the most swelling.

Being in Boulder has taught us to avoid avoid sizing fingers after cross fit, biking and hiking.  We've seen clients be as much as a full size off due to exercise induced swelling! And while we love a cocktail hour or two, come in afterwards for a fun booze-y chat versus an official ring sizing!  

It's very normal for finger size to fluctuate during hot and cold months... rings always feel the tightest in August and the loosest in February. 

Will you be purchasing an eternity style or an alternative metal that can't be sized?  Sizing up a quarter to a half size is recommended.  Knuckles and fingers will change over time... illness, arthritis, surgeries, and the general nature of living a wonderful life practically guarantee that you will need a larger or smaller size at some point. Larger is generally better. 

Consider: wider rings tend to fit more snug on the finger than thinner rings. 

Rings with hollowed out or recessed areas will fit slightly looser.

Ring sizers can be ordered from places like amazon for at home sizing, and local, hometown jewelry shops everywhere are accustomed to sizing fingers without charge or expectation.  It's a service we provide everyday for folks who walk in and just need help determining finger size.  

Spin Happens.  Fingers are weird and knuckles are wonky.  Top heavy rings will spin at times. 

Best practice is  having a professional jeweler assist with determining size and talking you through your options based on the style of ring you will be wearing. Even then, based on the day, the temp, or how many buckets of movie theatre popcorn have been consumed, sizing may feel slightly off.  Most rings are sizable and most small jewelers are equipped to assist.  

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