Q & A

Q & A


Describe yourself outside work:

 "I'm a decent photographer, a pretty good gardener and I've recently come to grips with the fact that I'm a CBL... Crazy Bulldog Lady. It's cool, I'm embracing it." 

What are your 2023 Highlights?

"A couple of Bucket List Red Rocks shows ( Beck & Janelle Monae) and  rediscovering the Boulder Shakespeare Festival (something Jay and I loved when were first dating)." 


The best part of the Holidays? 

"Outside of having my son home from college, it's got to be catching up with all of my clients (friends really) and figuring out the perfect pieces to celebrate their season." 


How do you approach Social Media?

“The kind of Instagram that really looks impressive often feels awkward to me personally.  I struggle with how much energy to devote to it… especially when my days are filled with the infinite tasks of running a custom jewelry shop.  I am truly more energized when I’m hunting for gemstones with Chrissie, mentoring Xander and Hannah, exploring new ideas with Jay, and building lifelong relationships with my clients in ways that don’t involve algorithms or influencers.  So our social media, just like our brick and mortar, is not really about promoting.  I keep my focus on connecting authentically and meaningfully with people both in person and on social media.”

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