Ian ideas for Andrea

Hey Ian!
So excited to have this conversation with you - what a beautiful moment in life!
I have put together a few ideas for you here... I wanted to show you some of the custom styles we have made in the past that I think could be beautiful for Andrea.
We both know she is so gorgeous on her own, she doesn't wear much in the way of embellishment, I think keeping the style simple and elegant is the best way to go...
Diamond or sapphire are the best stones for a ring that will be worn everyday, I have shown a mixture here for you:



These are all styles that are perfect for the Colorado lifestyle, elegant and timeless. Price will vary mainly depending on type and size of stone, we can obviously chat about this in more depth when we meet up!
I have included some of my 'In Stock' designs below so you can get a feel for how things are priced, but just know that whatever direction you want to go in, I will be figuring out a special 'friend' deal for you.
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