Portrait Collection

The summer of 2022 had us on a treasure hunt... sifting and geeking our way through arrays of gems from some of our favorite cutters, on a quest for the most interesting stones.  In the realm of job related tasks, this was certainly no hardship. In fact, it was awesome. We discovered stones that didn't just sparkle, but that evoked feelings of warmth, joy, and nostalgia.  And so the genesis for our newest engagement mini-line was born.  Introducing Portrait - a collection of original rings meticulously hand crafted in solid 18k gold.  Each ring has been designed to tell the individual story of it's center stone. And each of those stones hand selected for warmth of color, unique history, or fascinating cut.  Whether it be the lovely reclaimed diamond in the Grace ring or the specialty cut of the sapphire in the Archer, every stone is singular. 

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