Our Diamond Philosophy:


Because we are designers and goldsmiths, we find our clients' top priorities are choosing a unique, expressive diamond that is perfectly suited for their individual heirloom-quality design, and having a memorable experience with their jeweler.


Our philosophy is that diamonds should be considered with the spirit of their setting in mind. In other words, when choosing a diamond for an engagement ring, we encourage you not to think of your diamond in a vacuum, but to instead allow the quality, style and ethos of the ring design to be your guide.


We have never really loved the one-size-fits-all approach of the  "4 Cs of Diamond Buying for Dummies" that has typically been prescribed to consumers. It's a helpful baseline, but considering the huge assortment of interesting, unique stones out there in the world, it feels a bit out-dated to us. You are just a google away from learning about the 4 Cs  and there is no shortage of massive online retailers listing the same certificates of all the sames stones while failing to give any professional design guidance or inspiration.  


When we choose diamonds for our own designs, we look for stones that excite and inspire us!  This happens to be the very best way for you to choose a diamond as well. There is more to a diamond's sparkle beyond the 4C grading that happens in a lab and gets printed on a certificate.  It's easy to get caught up in minutia and lose the meaning behind your purchase. Most online jewelry designers put a blanket qualifier on the diamonds they sell … VS1 clarity and G (or better) color. That's fine, but we think you can find stunning diamonds and exceptional value in all sorts of categories… You will find that most of our work features Old European Cuts, Miners Cuts, Rose Cuts, and diamonds of all shades, shapes, sizes and clarity. 


We're a small team here, and we don't mass import or mass sell diamonds/gemstones. We deal with people and are proud to have long standing affiliations with reputable cutters, brokers and site holders, all of whom abide by the Kimberly process.     


Want an alternative to a diamond ring? Sounds like fun... there are so many beautiful options, including colorful and unusual sapphires.