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We understand how important this is. Having a personal relationship with a family jeweler alleviates the stress and worry that often accompanies choosing a diamond engagement ring.  We are here to make the process fun and stress-free, and ensure you get top quality and value.


With the rise of online lists, diamond prices have become highly competitive;  this means there has never been a better time to purchase a diamond engagement ring. We understand the vast options available in today's market and are here to help simplify the process.  There is tremendous value in being able to choose a stone in person and we take great pride in providing straight forward, honest advice and excellent service. Whether you visit us in our Pearl Street shop, or work with us via long distance communication, we promise it will be a memorable and joyful experience.


We have over 20 years of diamond buying experience and can confidently obtain stones from one of our many sources. We deal with flesh and blood people who are cutters and brokers because while lists of certificates are useful, they do not usually tell the whole story of a diamond. There is no substitute to seeing and evaluating a diamond in person.  We own a selection of diamonds that we use in our designs and broker stones for our clients to select from.   This gives us tremendous flexibility and ultimately results in better prices for our clients. Our suppliers abide by the Kimberly Process.  Our diamonds are primarily sourced from Canada, Australia, Russia and Africa.